A Tribute to His Life and Work

Dr. Daniel E. Sheer: 1921-1991
Professor Emeritus
University of Houston

Dr. Daniel E. Sheer is nationally recognized as a legendary academic pioneer. His broad vision was instrumental in nurturing the foundational ideas that underlie neuroscience and neuropsychology in the 1950s.

As mastermind of neuroscience and neuropsychology at the University of Houston, Dr. Sheer was director of the following UH programs: Clinical and Experimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology (1960s), Biopsychology (1970s), and founder of the Neuropsychology program (1973).

An esteemed scientist, Dr. Sheer integrated understanding across many disciplines, including Neuropsychology, Clinical and Consulting Psychology. Dr. Sheer was an engaging teacher and cherished mentor who touched many lives and always encouraged his students to pursue and explore their own interests.